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About pellets

Pellets - part of the natural ecocycle

pelletshogar_utan-bakgrund.jpg Pellets are usually made of raw material from forestry and agriculture, such as sawdust and cutter dust, largely waste from the wood industry.

Pellets are a refined biofuel, dried and pressed into a cylindrical bar of compressed energy. They are produced by compression under high pressure, with no bonding agent. The wood chips contain natural bonding agents, so no additives are needed.

Pellets are a processed biofuel which contribute to a long-term ecological society. One positive environmental aspect is that biofuels are renewable and form part of the ecocycle. When biofuels are used for heating, the substances that were removed from the environment are returned to it. The amount of carbon dioxide formed on combustion is the same as the amount used by the trees when they were growing

A domestic fuel such as pellets is less sensitive than oil to international macro-politics and the position of currencies on the world market. The majority of the raw material used to make pellets is currently entirely made up of waste from the sawmill and woodworking industries.

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